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Peter, also known as Your Boyfriend, is the main antagonist of Your Boyfriend. He appears in Day 1 of the game and is deeply in love with you, willing to go through great lengths to prove how much you mean to him. Even if you don’t want anything to do with him.


Peter has a gray body along with a round head without hair.

He wears black pants, a dark blue T-shirt with a heart that is half black and white, a black vest. It is unknown if the black pants are part of his feet as it appears that he does not wear shoes.


Peter is a person who has a lovesick nature within his own heart; he is an obsessive, possessive, unstable, violent, and a desperate man, that goes great lengths to show how much he loves the player in his own twisted way. Peter loves the player so much that he does not discriminate based on his love interest's appearance, size, nor gender which would bolster his chances of finding his love interest.[1] Peter also tends to stalk whomever he loves most, which is Y/N themself.

Peter seems to be mentally unstable and awkward of how he interacts with others depending on the situation, although it is unclear how his personality came to be or it is just normal behavior for young people like him.


Peter's character design was inspired from an animation short called "Feed The Birds" animated by a YouTuber, Zalinki.[2]

On Day 1, Peter appears in front of you when Y/N is sitting on the bench. He introduces himself and offers Y/N out to dinner. This is when the player decides which path they want to take with the story line.

In Day 2, it's mentioned that Peter records himself testing products, reviewing them afterwards as his job.

Day 1

Umm, dinner does sound nice...

Both Y/N and Peter agree to go out together for dinner. The dinner takes place at Y/N's work place. Y/N waited, meanwhile Peter goes out to buy a rose for Y/N which resulted in his tardiness. He gives the rose to Y/N as a gift. If all goes well, the date will be successful and both Peter and Y/N would be willing to see each other again.

if Y/N does not accept the roses, they will continue to be cruel to Peter, and others as the day continues. They ask Peter for his phone number, who gladly gives it to Y/N.

What? No!... / ...

Y/N rejects Peter's offer. Peter understands this and accepted this decision and goes away. Later that day, Y/N and Peter both coincidentally end up at a flower shop later. Peter awkwardly starts off his conversation after last time and tells Y/N that he often comes to this shop. Peter then offers Y/N another time where they could hang out. Y/N can then allow Peter to walk them home or decline his offer.


  • Peter hates his name very much.
    • He would rather be called "Cockbite" than "Peter". If you decide to nickname him "Cockbite," he will then call the player "Pussycat" in a playful manner.
  • Peter's favorite animals are snakes and cats.[3]
    • Peter does not have an animal that he dislikes.[3]
  • Peter's favorite colors are blue and heather gray.[3]
    • Despite this statement, it's also been said his favorite color is red[4]
  • Peter's eyes glow in the dark like a cat.[5]
    • He can also purr[6]
  • Peter's tongue is very sensitive. If anyone touches it, he will instantly get aroused.[7]
    • As a result of the length of his tongue, he often bites his tongue when he eats.[8]
  • Peter lacks cooking skills but is learning to do better.[9]
  • Peter's sexuality is pansexual.[10]
  • Peter does not know how to swim. [CITATION NEEDED]
    • He is sinks in water[11]
  • Peter has canonically said "trans rights".[12]
  • Peter has a hog nose snake pet named "Rat".[13]
  • If Y/N was pregnant, Peter would be a great father.[14]
    • He would also be very protective over his child[15]
  • Peter had a scene phase during his teenage years.[16]
    • If Peter wore his goth outfit now, he would lay down on the floor staring at the ceiling having an internal crisis.[16]
  • Peter normally wears boxer briefs.[17]
  • Peter's current age range is between 20 and 30 years.[18]
  • Peter likes to eat sweet food.[4]
  • Peter is willing to cut off his own penis for Y/N.[18]
  • Peter likes to eat any food, however, he does not like sour candies.[19]
  • Peter's Pokemon team would consist of Aegislash, Chandelure, Bisharp, Cacturne, Seviper, and Midnight Lycanroc.[20]
  • Peter is seeing a psychiatrist.[21]
    • Unfortunately, she is intentionally making his mental state worse [22]
  • Peter is canonically a virgin.[23]
  • Peter has a breeding, bondage, and biting kink.[24][25][26]
  • Peter is older than Sarah/Your Girlfriend. In his words, "Im the older sibling and she's the mistake"[27]
  • Peter has the scent of cigarettes and generic soap/cologne.[28]
  • Peter has never had another crush other than Y/N.[29]
  • Peter loves horror movies, slasher movies especially.[30][31]
    • He prefers the classic horror movies, the "silver age, universal monster films" in his own words.[32]
  • Peter knows how to play the piano.[33]
  • Peter is fine with furries[11]
  • Peter's blood type is AB negative[11]
  • Peter cannot sing[11]
  • Fuboo once dreamed once dream of Peter [11]
  • Peter is circumcised.[11]
  • Peter is ambidextrous.[11]
  • Peter sees you you as perfect.[11]
  • Peter will deadly take care of you if you're deadly sick.[11]
  • The creator of my boyfriend game (Fuboo) is Peter's mother.

Stated in a stream

  • Peter has a bad taste in fashion.
  • Peter does not like chili.
    • He does like to eat fruits, especially any fruit that is crunchy.



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