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TK is a supporting character and a co-worker and works as a chef at Dad's Damn Dinner in Your Boyfriend.


TK has a brown-ish dark grey body along with green-dyed hair and thick black eyebrows. TK also has a black candle tattoo on their back.[4]

They wear a black cap, rectangle glasses, a dark green tank top with a black skull and bones symbol on front of it, a black chunky bracelet, and black pants.


TK is an easy-going person who always has Y/N's back, shown when they cover for them without Y/N asking and allowing Y/N to live with them when they ask for a place to stay. TK is also noted to act like "everyone's big sibling", taking care of others and watching after them, as well as making sure others such as Y/N keep up their responsibilities. TK is very suspicious of Peter and warns Y/N to be careful with him.


TK is adopted and has 3 siblings, two who are foster children and one who is biologically related to TK's.[5], It's mentioned that they love their family very much.[6]


  • TK has always had a crush on Y/N ever since they offered a French fry. Instead of grabbing the fry with Y/N's hands, they leaned over and took it with their mouth. TK couldn't stop thinking about that since then.[7]
  • TK's favorite alcohol is cocktails. Like screwdrivers.
  • TK would be calm and comply with being kidnapped.
  • TK would react to you liking them back by being flustered and make a comment about how long it took you to notice.
  • TK favorite alcohol is cocktails. Like screwdrivers.
  • What if TK was stalking Peter? "Things would get violent... it would not go down well.."
  • TK has a high metabolism which is why they eat junk food often yet still remain thin.[1]
  • TK's name was originally going to be JD. However, Fuboo completely spaced the name when writing Day 2 and wrote TK instead. Fuboo did not realize this mistake until she was finished writing, but went for TK because it sounded better.[8]
  • TK's biological parents still stay in contact. They even try visiting TK once a month.[9]
  • TK has 4 other siblings. 2 of them are transgender and their foster mom happily paid for their operations.[10]
  • TK also likes chubby Y/N.[11]According to Fuboo, TK's family celebrates Thanksgiving the best out of all the characters. This is mainly because they all get along and they don't talk about politics.[12]
  • TK is mild allergy to something.[13]