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Your Boyfriend is a point-and-click, erotic, horror, visual novel and a dating simulator game developed by Fuboo.

Premise and Gameplay

The player takes on the role of Y/N, a young adult who works at a greasy spoon diner in order to pay off their rent, is in an unexpected relationship with a stranger who goes by "Your Boyfriend". The player is then given choices to choose how they want to behave or act around the stranger. Every choice the player makes would lead to different outcomes and results, so the player must be aware of the consequences of their actions while playing.


The game's controls are very simple, the player must simply click on the screen if they wish to progress within the game.


*NOTE: In order to respect the game developers, information only about Day 1 will be documented until further notice. Days are levels the player must goes through in succession. Each day has a different storyline that all depend on the player's choices from the previous days.

Day 1

Day 1 is the first day of the game. The characters introduced are Y/N and Peter.


Players can change the screen size however they see fit. The screen size can range at the following

  • 640 x 480 pixels
  • 800 x 500 pixels
  • 800 x 600 pixels
  • 1024 x 640 pixels
  • 1024 x 768 pixels
  • 1152 x 720 pixels
  • 1280 x 800 pixels
  • Fullscreen
    • NOTE: Players cannot exit out of the game under this option until they completed a Day.

Easter Eggs

Day 1

In Day 1, all of the Easter Eggs consists of allowing the player to give the option of naming Peter whatever they like. However, if the player names them a certain name the results will be different and the dialogue will change.

Naming Your Boyfriend "Cockbite"

Y/N: How about we DO call you 'Cockbite'. That's what you wanted, isn't it, Little Cockbite?

The Stranger: ...

The Stranger: Yeah, even that is better than my real name.

Y/N: Then you get your wish, little "cockbite".

He gives a little smiles and nods. He writes it down on the fragile bit of disposable paper before handing it back to me.

Cockbite: Yeah, even that is better than my real name.: So, if I'm "Cockbite", do I get to have a nickname for you, too? Like "Pussycat" or "Slick-Kitty"?

Y/N: Just pay for my shake.

Naming Your Boyfriend "Peter"

The Stranger: ...

The Stranger: Wait, what was that?

The Stranger: H-How did you know my real name?

The Stranger: Urrrgh... I hate my name.

The Stranger: Were you talking to Girlfriend? Did she tell you my real name?

The Stranger: No, seriously, pick another name.

Naming Your Boyfriend "The Fuboo"

The Stranger: Mom?!

The Stranger: Oh, wait... no. You're not her.

The Stranger: Besides, that sounds like the name of a sick creator who enjoys toying with other's lives.

The Stranger: On second thought, maybe you ARE my mother.

The Stranger: How about naming yourself something more pleasant and less... demented?

The Stranger: I mean... with all of the lewds she's drawn of me, no wonder I have issues.

Naming Your Boyfriend After Yourself

The Stranger: ...

The Stranger: *PLAYER'S NAME*? Really?

The Stranger: You're going to name me after yourself? How long did it take for you to decide on that brilliant idea?

The Stranger: I mean, seriously… Your complete lack of creativity is making you less attractive to me by the millisecond.

The Stranger: Wait… Did you feel that?

The Stranger: You just got more repulsive. Oh look... It happened again!

The Stranger: How about you actually TRY to give me a name this time, hmm?

*The player is given the option of renaming Peter again, if the player continues to rename Peter with the same particular name again:

The Stranger: Wow, you're really adamant on calling me Peter/The Fuboo/*PLAYER'S NAME*, aren't you? ... Peter/The Fuboo/*PLAYER'S NAME*: *sigh*

Peter/The Fuboo/*PLAYER'S NAME*: ... Fine, we'll go with that then.

Y/N: I don't know... I think it fits.

Y/N: ...

Y/N: You may not like it, but can you smile for me, Peter/The Fuboo/*PLAYER'S NAME*?


After the game's initial release, its popularity slowly began to rise. A majority of the fan art are made by fans who are either Korean, Japanese, or any other Asian decent. There are also western fans who also joined the fandom.

There has been some issues within the community as there are some users who are not adults caught interacting within the fandom while this game is intended for adult users.[1]


  • The game will consist a total of 5 Days.[2]
    • Day 2 can only be downloaded off of Fuboo's Patreon and Day 3 (Beta) has been released on Fuboo’s Patreon.
  • Peter has expressed some 4th-wall awareness after being named "The Fuboo".
  • The concept of the game was not inspired by Doki Doki Literature Club, but instead a 2007 Flash animation titled "The Virus".[3]
  • Twitter users can find both Your Boyfriend content and fan art at the following hashtag: #YourBoyfriendGame
    • Instagram users can also find Your Boyfriend fan art at the following hashtag: #yourboyfriendgame
    • Tumblr users can also find Your Boyfriend fan art at the following: @y0urb0yfriend
  • Players used to have a decent chance of experiencing a jump scare at the start of playing the game. However, the chances of experiencing the jump scare decreased.[CITATION NEEDED]
  • In the future, there will be a SFW version of the game for minors to play.[4]
  • The developers were considering adding a gender option for Y/N at the beginning, however, Fuboo does not recall why they didn't go with it in the first place.[5]
  • Fans can go to Redbubble to buy Your Boyfriend merchandise. Link
  • The estimated price for the future full game would cost around $3-5. However, the developers are still planning on the price.[1]
  • There will be multiple endings once the full game has been released.[2]
  • On August 9, 2021, the download link for the game is broken due to traffic.[6]